Overvoltage arresters, type 2

The CP V 40 and CP VH 40 overvoltage arresters, from arrester class 2 (C) are used to reliably protect electrical facilities. The CPV 40, with its two-piece design, is also available as the CP VH 40 with remote signalling with a potential-free CO contact. The integrated monitoring unit signals when an overload occurs. The visible outer label field turns red, thus showing that it must be replaced as soon as possible. The CP V 40 and CP VH 40 overvoltage arresters are equipped with a dual-function terminal. This allows them to be connected to live conductors or to comb rails. Two-pole and four-pole versions (e.g. for TT systems) are also available.

Overvoltage arresters, type 2 at a glance