Screw connection system RK

CONTA-CLIP offers an innovative line of feedthrough and protective-earth terminals featuring the proven screw-connection system for the smallest cross-sections ranging from 0.08 mm² to 240 mm². This also includes disconnect terminals, fused terminals, actuator terminals, sensor terminals, motor-connection terminals and direct-mounting terminals. This system can be used for many different applications with only a minimal number of accessory parts. The screw-connection mechanism is easy to operate and can be used to establish a quick, safe connection using solid and flexible wires with or without wire-end ferrules. The protective-earth terminals feature a PE foot that is screwed on and contacts on both sides, ensuring outstanding mechanical and electrical safety. Our well-designed line of accessories allows you to significantly reduce your installation and storage costs. You can take advantage of this system to implement all of your switching requirements with a minimal amount of accessories. Our clamping-yoke system has already proven itself in billions of applications. It ensures an electro-mechanical connection that is both permanent and high-quality.

Screw connection system RK at a glance