Transformer terminals PTKS

PTKS 4 transformer terminal with push-in connection. Thanks to the tool-free push-in system for connecting rigid wires or wires with end ferrules, the PTKS 4 series simplifies wiring considerably and minimizes the time required. The high contact force of the push-in spring ensures secure fixation of the wire ends even in the event of strong vibrations and mechanical shocks. For convenience, the transformer terminals are terminated from the top, via an integrated pusher that can be operated with light pressure and without any special tools. The terminals are available in 1- or 2-pole versions for 4mm²˛ wire cross sections. 2- or 3-pole insulated plug-in cross connectors allow for easy potential and power distribution between terminals. Due to their two-part structure of basic clamp and cover, PTKS 4 terminals are well suited for automated soldering processes. After soldering the coil wire, the cover can easily be pushed onto the clamp. The transformer terminal covers can be marked using standard SB 7.5 markers.

Transformer terminals PTKS at a glance